Top 7 Book MLM Companies

Despite the rise of digital reading, physical books continue to captivate readers of all ages. And that’s why book MLM companies offer an intriguing opportunity worth exploring.

In this comprehensive list, we’ll explore the top book MLM companies, with a particular focus on two leading examples that specialize in children’s books. Their vast collections are sure to impress!

But don’t worry if you’re interested in promoting a wider range of books, as we’ve also included companies that incorporate books into their product lines.

Best Book MLM Companies

1. Usborne Books & More

Company Overview: Usborne Books & More is an MLM program that specializes in offering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for children. With an impressive catalog of 188 pages filled with colorful books, they cater to various reading preferences and age groups.

Whether you’re looking for picture books, short novels, activity books, or unique options like rubber stamp activity books and wind-up books, Usborne Books & More has it all. The company aims to provide affordable and engaging reading material for children, encouraging regular sales and customer interest.

Products: Usborne Books & More offers a diverse collection of books, ensuring there’s something for every child. Their prices are reasonable, with books like the 1001 Fairy Things to Spot Sticker Book priced at $7.99, and similar options in the range of $9.99. The affordability of the products makes them attractive to customers and facilitates regular sales. With their extensive range of fiction and non-fiction books, Usborne Books & More provides an excellent resource for parents, educators, and anyone seeking quality literature for children.

Commission and Income Potential: The compensation plan of Usborne Books & More offers multiple avenues for members to generate income. Whether through book fairs, website sales, home shows, or selling to schools and libraries, distributors have various methods to make sales. The commission rate ranges from 15% to 30% depending on the sales approach and volume.

Most distributors rely on website sales and home shows, which offer a 25% commission. Home shows have a minimum sales requirement of $85. Additionally, distributors can earn a monthly sales bonus of 3% to 5% for achieving specific sales targets. While details about the team aspect of the compensation plan are limited, distributors can potentially earn additional percentages from their direct recruits and downline as they progress through the ranks.

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2. Mary & Martha

Company Overview: Mary & Martha is an MLM program that focuses on providing Christian products for the home, including toys, soft toys, and books. While books are not the primary focus, they are part of the product line, with offerings like devotionals and children’s books.

The company’s diverse range of Christian products allows consultants to target a varied audience, appealing to individuals seeking items that reflect their faith. With the potential for new products to be introduced over time, Mary & Martha aims to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Products: Mary & Martha offers an assortment of Christian products designed for the home, toys, soft toys, and books. Their range includes items like devotionals, children’s books, and an All Creatures Great & Small Memory Book. By providing products that reflect Christian values and faith, Mary & Martha appeals to individuals seeking meaningful and inspirational items for themselves or as gifts. The evolving product selection ensures consultants can offer new and engaging products to their customers.

Commission and Income Potential: Consultants with Mary & Martha start with a 25% commission on all sales, which can increase to 30% for a month upon reaching $1,200 in sales. Building a team allows consultants to earn additional commissions. Team leaders receive an extra 10% in personal sales commission, regardless of rank, along with a rank-based increase of 3% to 8%.

Consultants can also earn residual commissions from their team members, with percentages ranging from 5% to 9% depending on rank and generation. While the commission rates are impressive, achieving higher ranks and maintaining ongoing requirements, such as personal and team sales targets, are crucial for maximizing income potential.

3. Barefoot Books

Company Overview: Barefoot Books is an MLM program that focuses on providing books for children and families. Their collection includes a diverse range of books that aim to promote inclusivity, break stereotypes, and offer educational content. With an emphasis on cultural diversity and unique topics like yoga and mindfulness, Barefoot Books sets itself apart from traditional children’s literature. While the market for children’s books is competitive, the company’s commitment to offering distinctive and engaging titles can be an advantage.

Products: Barefoot Books offers a wide selection of books that cater to different interests and promote inclusivity. Their focus on cultural diversity and unique topics ensures that their books stand out from the rest. By challenging stereotypes and providing educational content, Barefoot Books offers a refreshing alternative for children and families. While sales may face competition from libraries and borrowing from friends, the company’s commitment to offering unique and meaningful literature can still attract customers.

Commission and Income Potential: Barefoot Books operates on a purchase-first model, where Ambassadors receive a 30% discount on all orders and resell the products for their commission. The commission rate can increase based on monthly sales, ranging from 10% to 15%.

Moreover, Ambassadors are given a free gift allowance of 15% to 20%, which allows them to choose from a selection of books to add to their orders. While the rank-based design offers bonuses from the central team and generations, the compensation plan’s complexity and ongoing activity requirements may pose challenges for distributors.

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4. National Wealth Center

Company Overview: National Wealth Center is an MLM program that focuses on self-development. Instead of selling physical books, the company offers seven different courses comprising a combination of audios, videos, and eBooks. National Wealth Center provides customers with access to an extensive library of self-development information.

The courses cover various topics, allowing individuals to enhance their personal growth and knowledge. While the product offerings are centered around self-development, the lack of detailed information on the NWC website may pose challenges when promoting the products.

Products: National Wealth Center offers a range of self-development courses instead of physical books. The courses are available in audio, video, and eBook formats. Three courses require a monthly fee: Self-Development ($25/month), Fitness Advantage ($50/month), and Digital Entrepreneur ($100/month). The remaining courses require a one-time fee: Relationship Edge ($250), Wealth Advantage ($1,000), Network Marketing Edge ($3,500), and The Vault ($7,500). The specific content and benefits provided for each course are not clearly outlined on the NWC website, leaving potential customers and representatives uncertain about what they would receive for the prices listed.

Commission and Income Potential: National Wealth Center claims to offer 100% commissions to its representatives. However, the commission structure operates using a pass-one-up system. This means that your sponsor receives payment for your first and third sale, not you. It is unclear how the system works beyond those initial sales.

Although representatives are said to earn 100% commissions, in practice, they are essentially earning 50% per sale. While this commission rate is relatively high, generating consistent sales is essential for maximizing income. The NWC pass-up system also suggests the potential to earn from multiple generations, but the company provides limited information on how this aspect operates.

5. LIFE Leadership

Company Overview: LIFE Leadership is an MLM program that focuses on personal development and financial fitness. Rather than solely offering books, the company emphasizes learning about financial well-being and personal growth, including confidence, self-actualization, and faith. LIFE Leadership provides a range of products such as eBooks, audiobooks, physical books, sets, and courses to support these areas.

With reasonable prices and packs like PAiLS offering multiple audiobooks and an eBook at an affordable cost, the company strives to make their products accessible. The free app from LIFE Leadership serves as a platform for promoting their products, offering features like coupons and cashback incentives. However, some may have reservations about sharing personal information during app usage.

Products: LIFE Leadership offers a variety of products that cater to personal development and financial fitness. Their range includes eBooks, audiobooks, physical books, and course sets. The emphasis is on topics like confidence, self-actualization, and financial well-being. With reasonable pricing, customers can purchase individual products or opt for value packs like the PAiLS bundle, which includes several audiobooks and an eBook at an attractive price point.

Moreover, the company offers two monthly programs: one focusing on financial fitness services and products, and the other providing access to digital personal development materials. The free app from LIFE Leadership acts as a promotional platform and offers features like coupons and cashback incentives to enhance the overall customer experience.

Commission and Income Potential: LIFE Leadership starts consultants with a 15% commission on sales, which can be increased based on monthly performance. The company offers up to a 30% bonus commission, determined by Personal Volume (PV) achieved during the month. Each dollar in sales typically corresponds to 1 PV (although some products provide less PV per dollar).

To reach the higher bonus tiers, consultants need to generate substantial sales volume, with $1,200 per month needed for a 12% bonus and around $4,800 for a 22% bonus, resulting in a 27% and 30% commission, respectively. However, achieving these high tiers may prove challenging for many consultants.

The team aspect of the compensation plan is notably complex, with LIFE Leadership boasting 19 and a half different ways to earn money. These “ways” primarily involve various bonuses tied to sales performance or team performance. Consultants must meet specific criteria to qualify for each bonus, adding to the complexity of the compensation structure.

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6. 4 Corners Alliance Group

Company Overview: 4 Corners Alliance Group is an MLM program that focuses on financial literacy. Instead of physical books, the company offers a collection of approximately 50 digital books covering various topics related to financial fitness. Titles include Bond Investing Secrets Part 1, Binary Options and Strategies Simplified, Multiple Streams of Income, and Debt Crisis.

The books can be purchased individually, with many priced at $10. Additionally, 4 Corners Alliance Group offers books as part of different package tiers, each with its own pricing structure. The quality and length of the books are uncertain, as the company does not provide samples or detailed information. Interestingly, most online reviews tend to focus on the income opportunity rather than the books themselves.

Products: 4 Corners Alliance Group offers a range of digital books focusing on financial literacy. The collection covers various topics related to financial fitness, offering insights and strategies for readers. The books can be purchased individually, with many priced at $10.

Moreover, the company offers packages that include multiple books at different pricing tiers. While the quality and length of the books are unclear due to the lack of samples or detailed information, the selection provides readers with a range of financial topics to explore.

Commission and Income Potential: The compensation plan of 4 Corners Alliance Group is complex and poorly explained. The first aspect involves earning commissions per sale, with the commission amount varying based on the product pack sold. For example, selling Set 1 (priced at $20) earns a $9 commission, while selling Set 6 (priced at $100) earns a $45 commission. However, to be eligible to sell the product sets, you must purchase them yourself.

The compensation plan also includes an “Instant Commission” component, ranging from $3 to $15 per sale, which follows a matrix model. This means you need to fill each level before moving to the next. The number of people per level increases quickly, with the highest set requiring 4,096 individuals.

Furthermore, there is potential to earn from your team, although this aspect is poorly explained in the compensation plan. To make the most of this part, you need to generate a significant number of sales, both from yourself and your team members.

7. Wakaya Perfection

Company Overview: Wakaya Perfection is an MLM program that focuses on health and weight loss. Named after an island in Fiji, the company emphasizes the concept of pure and natural products. Their product line includes various supplements and weight loss products, aligning with the health industry. While the products offer potential benefits, their high price points may deter some customers due to affordability or lack of interest.

Surprisingly, Wakaya Perfection also offers three cookbooks in their selection, titled Everyday with Ginger, Everyday with Turmeric, and Everyday With Ginger & Turmeric. While these cookbooks may not be the ideal option for book lovers to promote, they could still be of interest to individuals who appreciate the company’s other health-related products.

Products: Wakaya Perfection primarily offers health and weight loss products, including supplements and specialized items. Their focus on pure and natural products aligns with the company’s philosophy. While most of the products are expensive compared to other health MLMs, they cater to individuals seeking high-quality, premium options.

Interestingly, Wakaya Perfection also includes three cookbooks in their selection, providing recipes that incorporate ginger, turmeric, or a combination of both. While the company does not provide much information about the books’ content, they could appeal to customers who appreciate the overall health and wellness focus of Wakaya Perfection.

Commission and Income Potential: Wakaya Perfection offers a 20% commission on product sales, with a reduced rate of 10% for Preferred customers. Additional bonus commission can be earned, increasing the overall commission rate up to 26%. However, the bonus commission is tied directly to the company’s rank system, meaning that advancing through the ranks is necessary to achieve higher commission rates. Rank requirements are partly based on team performance, highlighting the importance of team building to maximize income potential.

The compensation plan follows a unilevel model, allowing members to earn 10% on Level 1 and Level 2 team members even from the first team rank, and 20% from each of those levels at the next rank. These residual commission rates are impressive, but building a consistently performing team is essential to fully benefit from them.

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