Top 5 Gold & Silver MLM Companies

Are you interested in making money through MLM companies that deal with gold and silver? Many people are attracted to this idea because they see precious metals as a reliable way to preserve wealth, especially during uncertain economic times.

As someone who finds investing in gold and other precious metals intriguing, I understand the appeal of this approach. However, it’s important to realize that it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Although there’s a lot of interest in investing in precious metals, I believe that a larger portion of the population prefers modern financial products.

While gold is often promoted as a hedge against inflation and a safe bet during financial crises, we should acknowledge that it’s not foolproof. If the financial markets were to collapse, the value of gold could also decline.

It’s worth noting that there are various options for those interested in buying gold and silver. If you’re considering network marketing to profit from these metals, you should prioritize trust in the company and the value of their products.

In this article, we will explore the world of gold and silver network marketing companies. We’ll focus on the different options available to you, highlighting their key features, compensation plans, and the products they offer.

Best Gold & Silver MLM Companies

1. 7K Metals

Company Overview: 7K Metals is an MLM program that focuses on the sale of gold and silver products. They offer a range of product types to cater to different preferences. While the company doesn’t provide extensive upfront information about their opportunity, they seem to operate using a binary plan.

Products: 7K Metals offers gold and silver products in various forms. They provide silver bars in sizes of 10 ounces and 100 ounces, as well as gold bars in sizes of 1 ounce and 10 ounces. Some of these bars feature unique designs, including an American flag option.

The company also offers coins in both silver and gold, with a variety of designs to choose from. Many of the coins are reasonably priced at just $20, making them potentially attractive even to skeptics. Additionally, 7K Metals offers jewelry items such as rings and watches, which are largely based on coins, providing customers with a unique selection.

Commission and Income Potential: 7K Metals’ compensation plan appears to be based on a binary structure. Distributors earn $1,000 each time 500 points are matched on one leg of their team. To accumulate points, a $250 purchase is equivalent to 100 points, indicating that approximately $1,250 in sales is required in each leg for each payment. Although there is no strict timeframe to meet these goals, the sales targets are relatively high, which could pose a challenge for distributors.

Residual commissions can also be earned by achieving a monthly sales goal and having two team members who do the same. While it can be assumed that sales contribute to earning income and that the compensation plan involves additional complexities, specific details about the inner workings of 7K Metals are scarce.

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2. International Silver Network

Company Overview: International Silver Network is an MLM program that primarily focuses on selling silver coins. They offer a range of silver bullion coins with designs from different countries, including Australia, the United States, and Canada. The coins are priced at around $20 each and contain one ounce of silver. While there may be other products like gold coins and bars available, detailed information on these items is harder to find. It’s important to note that International Silver Network heavily emphasizes the potential to make money and promotes the idea of selling “real” money in a deteriorating economy. However, it’s crucial to approach these claims with a realistic perspective.

Products: The main product offered by International Silver Network is silver bullion coins. These coins feature designs from various countries and are sold at around $20 each, containing one ounce of silver. While there might be other products such as gold coins and bars available, specific information regarding these items is not readily accessible.

Commission and Income Potential: International Silver Network employs various commission approaches. One component is the Core Commission, derived from their ISN Advantage Auto-Saver Product, which involves a monthly autoship of a silver coin. Distributors earn $6 per month for each customer enrolled in the program, providing a residual commission opportunity. However, the effectiveness of this approach relies on customer retention.

The program also includes an ISN Accelerator Bonus, seemingly connected to the initial packages purchased by distributors. For instance, the Silver Package, priced at $249, offers a $40 accelerator bonus. Although the compensation plan does not provide a clear explanation of the ISN Accelerator Bonus, it appears to be predominantly based on package sales to distributors, emphasizing recruitment rather than customer sales.

Moreover, International Silver Network offers a matching bonus from your team, which typically requires multiple levels within your team to earn a substantial amount from this bonus.

While the monthly fees associated with the program are relatively low, they still impact your overall profitability. It’s worth considering the recruitment-focused nature of the compensation plan and the importance of maintaining a strong team to maximize income potential.

3. Karatbars International

Company Overview: Karatbars International is a multi-level marketing (MLM) program that primarily focuses on gold and blockchain-related products. Initially, the company gained attention by selling gold at prices higher than the market rate, leveraging the allure often associated with the gold and silver industry. However, they have expanded their product line to include more unique offerings.

Products: Karatbars International offers gold products in the form of one-gram cards, coins, and special cards, all containing the same amount of gold. Additionally, they have introduced unconventional products like CashGold, which are bills containing 0.1 grams of gold, promoted as the future means of payment. While the concept is intriguing, it remains unclear how practical these bills would be in everyday transactions.

Surprisingly, the company also offers the K1 IMpulse Smartphone, which utilizes blockchain technology for data protection—an unconventional choice for a gold-focused company. Another product, Karat Merchant, claims to facilitate secure cryptocurrency transfers, but lacks sufficient information to assess its effectiveness.

Commission and Income Potential: In terms of compensation, Karatbars International’s commission structure may not be appealing to potential distributors. Distributors earn a flat 10% commission solely on package sales, leaving uncertainty regarding earnings from sales to regular customers.

The team aspect of the compensation plan is simpler compared to most MLM companies. Distributors can earn 3% from the second level and 2% from the third level of their team. These are the only multi-level components of the plan, as the rest of the commissions are based on the team as a whole, irrespective of the downline structure.

However, the catch is that the commission percentages are relatively small, starting at just 0.5%. These rates can increase up to approximately 5.5% as distributors advance in ranks, with each new rank providing an additional 0.5% commission. While the initial ranks require reaching specific sales points, higher ranks demand a certain number of lines in the team, making it more challenging to achieve.

Notably, the sales points are based on Euros, where every two Euros equal one point. The sales targets for the initial ranks range from $400 to $1,000, while subsequent ranks require monthly sales starting at $2,500. Achieving these goals might prove difficult for most agents.

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4. Global Intergold

Company Overview: Global Intergold is an MLM program that primarily focuses on selling gold bars. They offer a range of gold bars, from one gram to 100 grams, branded with the Global InterGold logo. While they occasionally introduce limited edition products, such as gold bars dedicated to Aristippus of Cyrene, their offerings do not provide any significant advantage over what other companies offer in terms of gold bars.

However, one notable concern is that Global Intergold lacks a sales page or pricing information on their website. This omission raises questions about the company’s transparency and trustworthiness.

Products: Global Intergold mainly sells gold bars in various weights, featuring their own branding. These gold bars are similar to typical gold bars available from other companies.

Commission and Income Potential: Global Intergold’s marketing claims to differentiate themselves from traditional MLM programs, highlighting their online sales and global focus. Nonetheless, the company still follows a similar MLM structure.

Similar to other programs like SwissGolden Network, distributors are required to make a prepayment towards their gold investment, ranging from 5% to 15% of the total (which is 7,000 Euros).

The compensation plan revolves around a table approach, consisting of three levels and 13 orders. Distributors must make a minimum number of sales in each level, following a specific structure. This simplicity in the compensation plan may limit potential income.

However, the unique aspect of Global Intergold’s compensation plan is the notion of paying back the gold investment instead of earning money directly. This approach can be frustrating, as it deviates from the conventional earning model seen in most MLM companies.

5. SwissGolden Network

Company Overview: SwissGolden Network is an MLM program that primarily focuses on selling gold bars. Their product selection is more limited compared to other companies, offering gold bars ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams, all of which are 99.99% pure gold, similar to what other companies offer.

While SwissGolden Network emphasizes the value of gold as an investment, their marketing rhetoric and website quality raise concerns. The company’s website is of poor quality, and some of the phrasing used is questionable. Although marketing and website presentation do not directly reflect product quality, these factors do not inspire confidence in the company.

Products: SwissGolden Network solely sells gold bars, available in various weights from 1 gram to 100 grams. The gold bars are claimed to be 99.99% pure, consistent with industry standards.

Commission and Income Potential: Earning from SwissGolden Network follows an unusual approach. Rather than earning directly from sales, the sales you make help finance your own purchases of gold. The exact processes and details of the underlying commission system, referred to as a chain of tables, are poorly described by SwissGolden Network, resulting in limited information available.

It appears that you need to sell a significant amount of gold before earning any income yourself, and some reviewers have reported not earning anything at all. One notable requirement is that members need to purchase a set of gold bars worth 7,000 Euros. If you don’t have that amount, you start with a prepayment and pay the rest through bonuses or personal funds, with the minimum prepayment being 220 Euros.

This compensation style means you won’t start earning from the marketing plan until you reach the total for your initial purchase, which can be challenging for most individuals. Furthermore, the gold you purchase is not physically delivered but instead stored in vaults by SwissGolden Network. To make money, you need to sell the gold back to the company. This process seems convoluted and requires hitting the initial 7,000 Euro target to sell back gold.

SwissGolden Network incorporates an upline aspect, where distributors attempt to recruit others, but specific details about this aspect of the plan are not provided.

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