How To Use Instagram For Network Marketing: 7 Best Tips

When you start selling MLM products to people, everyone says, “Use social media!” And you might feel like, “Duh, I know Instagram is important!” But having a personal Instagram and using it for business are not the same. Let’s see why.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Instagram right. We’ll talk about reaching more people, making new friends, finding customers, and building your team. Let’s get started!

Why Instagram is Great for Network Marketing

Not everyone uses Instagram, so it’s not as crowded as Facebook. That means there’s a big opportunity to grow your brand naturally.

Here’s why Instagram is awesome for network marketing:

  1. It’s All About Pictures: Instagram is a visual platform. Pictures are a great way to stand out and grab people’s attention. For network marketers, you can show off your lifestyle, products, and events using hashtags like #skincare or #proteinshake.

  2. Less Drama: Instagram tends to be a happier place compared to Facebook. There’s less negativity and bullying. Instagram’s AI even helps stop offensive comments before they’re posted. That’s good news for network marketers who want a positive environment.

  3. Attracting People: Attraction marketing is a smart strategy for network marketers. Instead of chasing prospects, you make yourself and your brand attractive so people come to you. Instagram is perfect for this because it’s all about drawing people in with beautiful images. That’s why using Instagram for network marketing is a no-brainer.

Despite these benefits, some businesses still aren’t on Instagram because they’re unsure about what to post, how to use hashtags, or how to grow their following.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, I can help you tackle these challenges and start using Instagram successfully for your network marketing business.

How To Use Instagram for Network Marketing

If you want to grow your network marketing business, Instagram is a great platform to get stared. 

1. Optimize Your Bio

Let’s begin with the basics: your Instagram bio. This is where you let people know about yourself. Your bio gives context to all your photos.

  1. Profile Picture: Use a photo of yourself rather than your brand logo. This personal touch makes you more relatable and approachable to your audience.

  2. Username: Keep it personal by using your name rather than your MLM brand. This helps to avoid coming across as too sales-oriented.

  3. Bio Content: Use your bio to give a brief introduction about yourself, why people should follow you, and a subtle mention of your MLM business. Take inspiration from successful network marketers like Jenna Zwagil, who effectively balances personal and professional elements in her bio.

  4. Website Link: If you have a website for your MLM business, include it in your bio. Consider using LinkTree to provide multiple options for your audience, such as links to your private Facebook Group, blog, product pages, contact information, and an about me section. This allows your followers to explore various aspects of your business and connect with you further.

2. Take High Quality Pictures

Instagram is all about visuals. When you’re scrolling through your feed or stories, it’s usually the photos that grab your attention and make you stop to check out the post.

Here’s how to take great pictures:

  • Get a Good Camera: You don’t need a fancy camera, even your phone can work if it takes good quality photos.
  • Composition Matters: Imagine your photo divided into a 2×2 grid. Put your main subject where the lines intersect, especially the top-left point.
  • Edit Your Photos: Use filters to enhance your pictures. Adobe Lightroom CC is great for editing and taking your photos to the next level.
  • Create Your Style: Ever seen an Instagram feed where all the photos look similar? That’s because they use presets or filters to keep a consistent look. You can make your own presets in Lightroom or buy pre-made ones to make your feed stand out. Just apply the filter with a click and voila!

On your personal account, you can post whatever strikes your fancy. But when you’re aiming to sell a product or recruit team members, you should be more intentional about your content.

Here’re some tips to keep in mind when taking pictures for different purposes: 

  • Selfies: A crisp, well-lit selfie tends to get more engagement. 
  • Regular Posts: Choose higher quality photos that are visually appealing. 
  • Stories: These can be more casual with lower quality photos or even resharing others’ content. 
  • Products: Showcase your products in the best light possible. Use high-quality images that highlight features, benefits, and how they can improve your followers’ lives.

What works for someone else might not work for you. This is where your brand identity comes in handy—it helps you decide what content resonates best with your audience.

3. Post Regularly

When it comes to publishing content on Instagram, consistency is key. Instagram likes it when you follow a schedule. The ideal frequency for posts depends on the type of post, but generally, it’s recommended to post:

  • Feed: 3 posts per week (this includes regular posts, slideshows, reels, and IGTV)
  • Stories: 8-10 stories per week (that’s about 2 per day)
  • Reels: 4-7 per week
  • IGTV: 1-3 per week

Only about 20% of your content should be sales-related. The rest should be informative, entertaining, or helpful. Think about your target audience – what do they want to see? What makes them laugh? What do they need help with? Tailor your posts to answer these questions.

While Instagram is all about the present moment, many experts actually plan their content months in advance. It’s a good idea to do the same. Planning not only saves time but also gives your brand a clear direction.

I’d suggest you to take 5-10 pictures every day. Whenever you’re out and about, aim to capture at least 5 pictures. They don’t all have to be perfect or for immediate posting. Consider this your Instagram resource library.

4. Make the Most of Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are key. Try this: Post two pictures, one without hashtags and one with 10-15 relevant ones. Check the insights the next day. You’ll see how hashtags boost visibility.

Put simply, hashtags make you discoverable and connect you to trending topics. It’s all about joining the conversation.

Experts suggest 10-30 hashtags, but don’t overdo it (stick under 30). Research what your competitors use and explore tools like Rite Hashtag or All Hashtag. Create lists for easy access.

You can sort your hashtags into three categories:

  • Brand-relevant
  • Industry-relevant
  • Content-relevant

For instance, if you’re promoting a skincare brand, use hashtags related to skincare routines, industry terms, and your brand name.

5. Use Instagram Stories and Highlights

Instagram Stories, inspired by Snapchat, allow you to share short 15-second videos or photos. Experts recommend using them, especially if you’re not yet big on Instagram. But why are they so effective?

Stories appear at the top of your feed, in chronological order. Unlike regular posts, they’re not affected by complicated algorithms. So, posting daily keeps you visible.

Here are some ideas for your content:

  • Personal Stories: Show behind-the-scenes moments like new products or projects to connect with your audience.
  • Polls: Keep it simple and related to your industry. For example, if you’re in fitness, ask about preferred flavors like peach or coffee. Make it quick – people’s attention spans are short. Aim for questions they can answer in 10 seconds before your story moves on.

Most users thought Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours. In fact, they’re not gone forever. You can still keep them around for your followers to see – that’s where highlights come in.

Instagram highlights are similar to mini collections of your best stories, displayed below your bio. Think of them as visual tabs for your profile.

Highlights offer a quick peek into what you offer, like tabs on a website. For example, if you’re in travel MLM, you might have highlights for Disney World, Budget Deals, Holiday Deals, and Corporate Travel. 

6. Share User-Generated Content

When someone tags you in a photo praising your product or service, it’s a golden opportunity. But if you’re not using that free content, you’re missing out.

Posts from other users make your brand look good. Most people (85%) trust User-Generated Content (UGC) more than stuff directly from brands. So, when you repost that photo, potential customers think, “If this person had success with your program, it must be legit!”

It’s like word-of-mouth marketing, the best kind out there.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend time or money creating the content. It’s all free. You can use UGC on your Instagram feed, stories, and highlights.

Want more of this content? Encourage users to make it for you. Here’s how:

  • Make your own hashtags. Use them in all your posts and ask users to use them too. You could even organize a monthly giveaway using the hashtags. For example, if customers post a picture enjoying your product, they could enter to win a gift card by using a specific hashtag.
  • Just ask! Satisfied customers are usually delighted to share their experiences.

7. Write Great Captions

For some, taking photos is the easy part, but for others, it’s all about the caption…

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve definitely written captions before. If you enjoy writing, this might come naturally to you. But if you struggle with writing, don’t worry; you’ve got ChatGPT!

Captions are where you can really connect with your audience. Think of every caption as an opportunity of presenting yourself and your business. For example, you can talk about what drives you to join your network marketing company, some details of your business, your core values, why you love your MLM products, and even why others should join your sales team. It’s your chance to share your story and engage your followers.

Here are some tips for writing captions:

  • Have a clear theme for each caption—whether it’s to sell, motivate, recruit, inspire, or just share something personal. As an example, for a motivational caption, you could share a quote that inspires you and explain how it relates to your MLM business.

  • Don’t forget about emojis! They can add personality and flair to your captions. For example, you can  pair a coffee emoji with your caption about starting your day with energy and enthusiasm for your work.

  • Mix it up on posts—your caption can be long or short. See what resonates most with your followers. Try sharing a short, punchy caption that highlights the key benefits of your product, followed by a longer caption diving into your personal experience with it.

  • You can always edit your caption after posting if you spot a typo or want to tweak the message. 

  • Use your Personal Brand as a guide for your captions. Stay true to who you are and what you stand for. 

  • Ask questions in your captions to encourage your followers to interact and respond. For example, you can prompt your followers to share their thoughts or experiences related to your post by asking a question like, “What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day?”

  • Look at your scripts or past conversations for inspiration. You might find something you can repurpose for a post. Let’s say if you’ve had a meaningful conversation with a customer about the benefits of your MLM product, consider turning that discussion into a caption to educate and inspire your audience.

With a little practice and creativity, writing captions will become easier over time. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through!

Bonus: Instagram Tips for Your MLM Business

Here’re some of the strategies I’ve used to sell Amway MLM products on Instagram when I was a sales rep:

  1. Be You, Not Just Sales: Instead of just posting product images and prices, share your personal experience with the MLM products. For instance, if you’re promoting health supplements, post about how these products have improved your well-being and share tips for incorporating them into your daily routine. This authenticity helps potential customers see the real benefits of the products.

  2. Get Social: Engage with your audience by sharing success stories from your MLM team members. For example, repost a testimonial from someone who achieved their financial goals through the business opportunity. Encourage your team to share their own experiences and tag your account, creating a supportive community atmosphere.

  3. Easy on the Posts: Instead of flooding your followers’ feeds with constant product pitches, vary your content to keep them interested. Share lifestyle photos featuring your MLM products in use, such as a snapshot of you enjoying a nutritious shake or wearing stylish clothing from a fashion MLM. This showcases the products in a natural context without overwhelming your audience.

  4. Location Matters: If your MLM company hosts local events or meetups, use geotags to promote them on Instagram. For example, if there’s a regional training seminar or product launch happening in your area, tag the location in your post and invite your followers to join you. 

  5. Consistency Is Key: Maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and informed about your MLM business. For instance, share a motivational quote related to entrepreneurship every Monday, highlight a different product or service feature every Wednesday, and showcase a success story from your team every Friday.

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