How To Make Money With Network Marketing: 9 Best Tips

Many folks hop into network marketing aiming for financial freedom, but only a handful succeed. This kind of business relies on building a strong team and doing direct sales to promote your products and earn money.

Truth is, MLM (multi-level marketing) has a super low success rate. Almost 99% of people don’t make it, and less than 1% find success. To be among that elite 1%, you’ve got to work cleverly and become skilled in things like leadership and marketing.

It’s not about bugging your family and pals to join you. It’s about using smart strategies to start and grow your MLM business. This article explores tips that can help you earn cash through network marketing.

1. Choose Popular Products

Many MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies provide a variety of products. Some of these products become favorites among customers. For instance, Paparazzi specializes in selling affordable costume jewelry. They focus on creating attractive jewelry without using expensive metals like Gold or Silver.

You can spend some time researching and choose a company that offers both in-demand and high-quality products. This will make it easier for you to increase your sales and earnings.

A handy tool for checking what’s trending is Google Trends. It gathers data from Google search results and shows you the most popular search terms of the week. To use it, just go to the Google Trends homepage. If you’re interested in a specific type of product, you can also search for that category and filter the results using Google Shopping. The “related queries” section can provide more specific data about the products you’re looking for.

2. Build a Personal Brand

People who lead in MLM and have their own personal brand are well-known in the industry. They can easily attract more people to join their downline.

To build your personal brand, you need to learn important skills like public speaking, attracting people to work with you, effective communication, quick responses, handling feedback, maintaining relationships, and leadership.

In multi-level marketing, independent distributors often face questions like, “How do I make money in this business? What benefits do the products offer? How do I create a business strategy?” It’s crucial that your personal brand positions you as an informed professional.

To be ready for questions or objections, read industry books, stay updated with company training, and participate in educational webinars and conference calls offered by your company. Show that you’re always learning and improving your skills. If you’re not prepared to handle questions or guide people in the right way, you might lose credibility with your potential audience.

3. Understand Compensation

In multi-level marketing (MLM), one of the most important aspects is to understand the compensation plan. It decides how distributors get paid for their sales efforts and varies from company to company. There are different types of MLM compensation plans like Unilevel, Binary, and Matrix, each with its pros and cons.

If you’re thinking about joining an MLM, you should spend some time doing research and comparing the compensation plans of different companies to understand each commission and its requirements.

However, the highest isn’t always the best. You should also consider the company’s reputation. Some distributors have complained about not receiving payouts on time. Typically, a decent payout percentage in the MLM industry is around 40-45%.

4. Recruit Active Downline

When you’re in MLM (multi-level marketing), it’s not about having lots of people in your team. It’s about having the right people who are active and make good sales. That’s what helps your business grow big.

Think about what kind of people you want on your team. What skills and values are important to you? Once you’re clear on that, it’ll be easier to find the right folks.

You can meet potential team members at events, in groups, or online. Building relationships with the right people will make your team stronger.

5. Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) businesses. It allows you to connect with a large audience and showcase your products in real-time. With a dedicated online profile, your MLM business can reach more people and attract potential team members.

Many network marketers use these profiles to promote their business by sharing promotional material, collaborating with industry leaders, and providing support to team members. You can also post pictures on Instagram and videos on YouTube to share your goals and achievements. Some leaders even collaborate with other members to increase their visibility across different groups.

6. Host Parties

Hosting parties is a great way to grow your direct sales business. Each event can bring in three to ten new customers. If you offer excellent customer service and follow up with them, many of these customers will keep coming back. This means instant and future profits for you.

Plus, happy customers may even host their own parties, bringing in more business for you. Some guests might even become distributors themselves.

Using the MLM Party Plan can boost your sales volume. If you host one or two home parties every week with five to ten guests each, you could earn $500 to $1,000 per week (results may vary). This is much faster than reaching the same number of people one-on-one, which would take 10 times longer!

7. Start a Podcast 

Starting a podcast can be a great and enjoyable way to connect with others while potentially making money. Podcasts are like a cozy chat, making it a powerful way to promote your MLM (multi-level marketing) product or business opportunity.

The cool thing is, you don’t need any special skills to start a podcast. Just talk about something you love or are interested in. You don’t have to be an expert; being passionate is more important than having tons of knowledge.

You don’t have to be famous either. Your podcast can become a hit by creating awesome content that people love.

If you’re ready to start, Spotify for Podcasters is a fantastic tool. It helps you create, share, analyze, and grow your podcast. Plus, you can use cool features like making video podcasts on Spotify.

8. Help Your Team Grow

To keep your team strong and motivated, make sure they have great training and ongoing help. Give them tools, materials, and resources to learn and do their best.

You can organize regular training sessions, webinars, or workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge. As you may already know, nearly 99% of MLM participants struggle to make a living. Therefore, it’s understandable that your team members might feel frustrated over time.

As their team leader, it’s your role to provide support whenever they have concerns. Always ensure you’re accessible; otherwise, your team size might quickly shrink.

Most people don’t just work for money, especially millennials. So, if you can create a friendly team atmosphere where everyone helps each other, you’ll see a much higher retention rate. You can foster a sense of community within your team by organizing team meetings, special sessions, or online hangouts.

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9. Sell Leads

If you’ve been doing network marketing for a while, you’ve probably built up a lot of contacts and connections. You can use this valuable information to either sell leads to other companies or use it to launch your own business.

Here’s how it works: when the leads you provide turn into potential customers, you can make money through commissions. Alternatively, you can charge a fee for sharing those lead details with others.

For instance, you can combine affiliate marketing with direct selling. Take advantage of your MLM leads to generate affiliate sales and earn some extra income.

Your social media efforts can play a big role in creating high-quality lead lists. Run engaging campaigns, offer exciting deals, or trade product samples for email addresses to build up your list.

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