Top 10 MLM Travel Companies

In our fast-paced world, travel is a top priority for those seeking adventure and relaxation. Many dream of exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures. But what if you could turn your travel passion into a profitable business? That’s where MLM travel companies come in. Joining these companies lets you travel the world, earn money, and enjoy amazing perks.

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 MLM travel companies that provide exciting opportunities for travel enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Best MLM Travel Companies

10. Pro Travel Plus

New Entrant with Discounted Travel Opportunities

Pro Travel Plus, founded in 2015, is a relatively new MLM travel company. The CEO, Seth Fraser, has prior experience with other MLM companies. Pro Travel Plus operates similarly to Coastal Travel Package, offering discounted travel opportunities to its members.

The company provides perks such as $500 in travel vouchers and significant savings on luxury vacations, enticing travel enthusiasts. While the website may seem unprofessional, Pro Travel Plus has gained attention from individuals seeking to combine their passion for travel with an MLM business format.

9. Coastal Travel Package

Discounted Travel Packages and Access

Coastal Travel Package has been operating in the MLM travel industry since 2002, making it one of the oldest players in the field. While it’s important to note that Coastal Vacations is not licensed to sell travel directly, they offer discounted travel packages and access to various travel-related companies.

The company is managed by a team of entrepreneurs, although specific names are not disclosed. Coastal Travel Package boasts a significant online presence, with many members promoting the opportunity. If you’re looking for discounted travel options and the potential to earn commissions by recruiting new members, Coastal Travel Package may be worth considering.

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8. Travelution

Turning Members into Travel Agents

Launched in 2016, Travelution sets itself apart from other MLM travel companies by transforming its members into travel agents. This unique approach allows individuals to earn commissions not only from travel sales but also from recruiting new agents.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Travelution benefits from the experience of its founders, Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour, who have significant MLM and travel industry expertise. If you’re looking to become a travel agent and earn through sales and referrals, Travelution might be a compelling choice to consider.

7. GoodLife USA

Discounts on Travel Vacations and Lodging

GoodLife USA, founded by Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner, focuses on providing discounted services for travel vacations and lodging. Both founders have had success in the MLM industry, with Seyforth’s partnership with Herbalife and Dovner’s achievements with First Choice Armor & Equipment.

GoodLife USA offers various membership opportunities, promising substantial savings. Moreover, members have the potential to earn generous compensation by recruiting new members. If you’re interested in discounted travel and leveraging your network to build a business, GoodLife USA could be an option to explore.

6. Ibuumerang

Sharing Travel Websites for Discounts and Commissions

Ibuumerang, founded by Holton Buggs and David Manning, has gained rapid growth in recent months. The company provides its members with personalized travel websites to share with potential customers. When customers book travel through these websites, they receive attractive discounts, while members earn commissions. Ibuumerang boasts a generous compensation plan and robust training resources.

Though relatively new, the company shows promise and is expected to climb the ranks in the coming months. If you’re interested in sharing travel opportunities and earning commissions, Ibuumerang may offer a compelling platform for your entrepreneurial ambitions.

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5. ROI Unlimited

Travel Discounts and Money-Making Opportunities

ROI Unlimited, formerly based in Arizona and now headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is an MLM travel company that offers discounted travel opportunities. Founded by Fred Schwartz (CEO and Co-Founder) and Brian Spangler (Co-Founder), ROI Unlimited provides its members with cards and perks to help them save on various travel vacations. Depending on your membership level, you can access exclusive discounts and benefits.

Moreover, ROI Unlimited offers the potential to earn money by inviting others to join the company. If you’re looking for travel discounts and a chance to generate income through recruitment, ROI Unlimited could be worth exploring.

4. Zyndio

Extreme Discounts on Travel-Related Services

Zyndio, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is associated with the Zyn Travel Portal and is the brainchild of entrepreneur Anthony Powell. Founded in 2011, Zyndio aims to provide its members with extreme discounts on travel-related services.

Offering three membership choices – Gold, Platinum, and Black Diamond – Zyndio presents opportunities to travel cheaper and earn money through recruiting new members. If you’re seeking substantial travel discounts and a chance to build your business by sharing these opportunities with others, Zyndio offers an intriguing proposition.

3. Global Travel International

High-Quality Travel MLM Company

Established in 2001 in Orlando, Florida, Global Travel International has made a name for itself as a high-quality MLM travel company. Founded by Michael Gross and Randy Warren, Global Travel International offers a wide range of travel options, including cruises, vacation packages, business travel, and group trips.

The company provides independent travel agents with their own websites and comprehensive training materials. Whether you want to earn money by booking travel or referring new travel agent members, Global Travel International offers a solid platform. With a focus on outstanding commissions and valuable resources, Global Travel International is a reputable choice in the MLM travel industry.

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2. Traverus Travel

Empowering Home-Based Business Owners

Formerly known as Paycation, Traverus Travel has established itself as a prominent MLM travel company. Founded by Dave Manning in 2004, Traverus Travel has experienced steady growth and gained recognition in the industry. Traverus offers numerous benefits to its home-based business owners, including access to the Success Travel Institute, renowned for its certified soft skills training.

Members can earn through travel bookings, enroll in Xstream Travel University for industry knowledge, and receive a professional website for booking travel. With its dynamic leadership and a beloved compensation plan, Traverus Travel provides a robust platform for travel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

1. World Ventures

A Leading MLM Travel Company

With headquarters in Plano, Texas, World Ventures is one of the most prominent names in the MLM travel industry. Founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, World Ventures has consistently been a top player in the market. The company has garnered positive feedback from representatives who have found success selling travel discounts and recruiting new members.

World Ventures offers exclusive travel discounts and rewards while providing an opportunity to build a thriving business in the travel industry. If you’re looking for a well-established MLM travel company with a track record of success, World Ventures is a top choice.

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