Top 7 Pet MLM Companies

As pet owners, we understand the importance of keeping our furry friends happy and healthy. If you share the same love for pets or have pets of your own, exploring the world of pet network marketing might be an exciting opportunity for you.

The pet MLM industry offers several advantages, especially considering the relatively limited competition compared to other MLM sectors. With the rising demand for high-quality and trustworthy pet products, there is a significant market for those seeking healthy and natural alternatives to mainstream brands. This presents numerous avenues for promoting pet MLM products and building a successful business.

One key advantage of pet MLMs is that many pet products are consumable, such as pet food and supplements. This means customers often repurchase these items, providing a recurring income stream. As a pet owner myself, I can attest to the reliability and consistency of certain pet brands, which keeps customers coming back for more.

However, joining a pet network marketing company requires genuine passion for the products being promoted. Authenticity and enthusiasm are crucial for building a loyal customer base and sustaining long-term success.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 7 pet MLM companies that offer opportunities to earn while promoting pet products. Some companies on the list focus solely on pet items, while others offer a broader range of products.

Best Pet MLM Companies

1. Modere

Overview: Modere is an MLM program that offers a wide range of health, wellness, and skincare products, focusing on personal care, household items, and skincare. While Modere doesn’t have a specific focus on pets, they do offer collagen-based products for both humans and small animals.

Collagen is a key ingredient in many of Modere’s products, known for its potential benefits for the skin and overall health. In their small animal range, they have two products: Liquid Biocell Equine for horses and Liquid Biocell Pet for pets. These liquid collagen products aim to improve joint mobility and coat health. The Equine version costs $199.99 for a 900 ml bottle, while the Pet version is priced at $49.99 for a 120 ml bottle or $139.99 for three bottles.

Products: Modere’s product selection includes personal care, household, health, and skincare items. Collagen is a prominent ingredient in many of their products, offering potential benefits for the skin and overall health. They have two collagen-based products for small animals, Liquid Biocell Equine and Liquid Biocell Pet, targeting joint mobility and coat health.

Commission and Income Potential: Modere distributors can earn between 5% and 36% commission on sales, which appears to apply only to first orders from customers. It’s unclear whether commissions are earned from subsequent orders. The exact commission percentage depends on the number of active customers and the points value of sales per month. Distributors with less than 300 customer points per month may not earn commissions from sales.

Modere utilizes a unilevel model for team commissions, with ranks based on team structure and performance. At the first rank, distributors earn 4% from their first generation and 4% from their second generation. This percentage increases to 7% for each of the first three generations at the next rank. While the team percentages are relatively good compared to the industry, meeting the rank requirements may be challenging.

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2. Foxx Legacy

Overview: Foxx Legacy is an MLM program that offers a range of pet and human supplements. Their pet product line includes four liquid supplements named Recovery, Life, Mobility, and Allergy. These supplements contain all-natural ingredients with a focus on promoting mitochondrial health and providing antioxidant benefits.

However, the evidence supporting these claims is limited, and the ingredients are relatively similar across the products. Each bottle contains 60 ml of liquid and is priced at $59.95, which may make it challenging to convince customers to invest in expensive pet supplements. Foxx Legacy also offers three products for humans, including supplements and a skin cream.

Products: Foxx Legacy’s pet product line consists of four liquid supplements. While they emphasize mitochondrial health and antioxidant benefits, the evidence supporting these claims is limited. The ingredients, such as olive oil, hydroxytyrosol, natural color, natural flavor, and oleocanthal, are similar across the different products. Each bottle contains 60 ml of liquid and is priced at $59.95.

Commission and Income Potential: Foxx Legacy provides limited information about its compensation plan. Distributors receive a flat fee of $5 for each sale, rather than a percentage commission. This translates to approximately 8% commission for pet products and 10% for human products, which is relatively low. There doesn’t seem to be a way to increase the commission rate per sale.

Moreover, Foxx Legacy employs a rank-based system, although it has fewer ranks compared to other MLM companies. While distributors can earn commissions and bonuses from their teams, the specific rates are not specified.

3. Youngevity

Overview: Youngevity is a comprehensive MLM program with a focus on health products. The company promotes the idea that individuals require 90 essential nutrients for optimal health. While many of their products relate to health, they also offer an extensive range of pet products, covering areas such as grooming aids, nutritional supplements, flea and tick control, and more.

Despite not being specifically a pet MLM, Youngevity offers a larger selection of pet products than most dedicated pet MLMs. However, the products may not be particularly unique or exciting, often resembling what can be found in local stores, and they tend to be priced on the higher side.

Products: Youngevity offers a wide variety of health products, including pet products in categories such as creams and ointments, flea and tick control, grooming aids, litter and odor control, nutritional supplements, snacks, and accessories. While the total number of products is not exceptionally large, Youngevity still offers more pet products than most dedicated pet MLMs. However, many of the products are similar to what can be found in local stores, and the prices are relatively high.

Commission and Income Potential: Distributors within Youngevity have the potential to earn up to 30% commission on sales. This commission is based on the difference between wholesale and retail prices. It suggests a purchase-first model, where distributors need to buy the products and resell them to customers. However, Youngevity has also embraced eCommerce, providing the opportunity for online sales.

Team earning follows the unilevel model, which is common in MLMs. The commission percentages within this model are surprisingly generous. At the first rank, distributors earn 5% from their first level and 5% from their second level. As distributors progress through the ranks, the percentages increase, and they can earn from deeper levels within their downline. However, advancing through the ranks requires meeting specific requirements, and regular personal sales are necessary to earn from the team.

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4. NeVetica

Overview: NeVetica is an MLM program that offers high-quality pet products. Their product selection resembles what you would find in a pet store, and the packaging is well-designed, giving a sense of quality. However, the products come at a relatively high price point, which may deter some potential customers. It’s worth noting that similar items are available from other companies as well.

Products: NeVetica offers 11 distinct pet products, including dental chews, mouthwash, digestive support chews, multivitamins, and waterless shampoo. Some items are available in different sizes, and there are also bundled options. While the products appear to be of high quality, they can be quite expensive. For instance, waterless shampoo costs almost $30, and a pet multivitamin is close to $35.

Commission and Income Potential: NeVetica distributors have the opportunity to earn up to a 35% commission on sales. However, the specifics on how to achieve the maximum rate or the starting rate are unclear. It’s likely that distributors earn less at the beginning, and higher rates may be tied to reaching higher ranks or meeting specific sales targets.

The team compensation plan provided by NeVetica is a unilevel structure, where the percentages increase as you move down the levels. Initially, you earn 2% compensation from the first level of recruits and the following level. To maximize your income from the team, advancing through the ranks is necessary. This plan can be beneficial for large and successful teams but limits earning potential from smaller teams.

5. Life’s Abundance

Overview: Life’s Abundance is an MLM program that offers a range of products for cats, dogs, and humans. The human product line includes skincare, supplements, and eco-friendly cleaners, which are similar to what other health MLMs offer. However, the inclusion of cleaners is somewhat unusual. The pet products are the main focus, featuring food, treats, supplements, and pet care items.

While the product selection is not particularly unique, Life’s Abundance emphasizes natural products, including grain-free and “holistically-formulated” kibble. This emphasis on quality may appeal to customers seeking high-quality pet products, despite the higher price point compared to local stores.

Products: Life’s Abundance offers a variety of products for cats, dogs, and humans. The pet product line includes food, treats, supplements, and pet care items. The focus is on natural products, including grain-free and holistically-formulated options.

Commission and Income Potential: Life’s Abundance allows distributors to make sales through a replicated website, phone, or in-person. Distributors earn the difference between wholesale and retail prices, with in-person sales requiring the purchase of products for resale.

The exact commission percentage per sale is not specified, as it varies based on the wholesale and retail prices of each product. However, as an example, a product with a $40 wholesale price and $50 retail price would yield a $10 profit, resulting in approximately a 25% profit margin. Additionally, there is a retail bonus for reaching monthly sales targets, which can increase earnings per sale.

The team aspect of Life’s Abundance follows a unilevel plan. Initially, distributors earn 10% on their direct recruits, and the next rank provides an 8% commission on the level below as well. These commission percentages are relatively higher compared to many other MLMs.

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6. HB Naturals

Overview: HB Naturals is an MLM program that focuses on offering a range of organic products designed to promote health. Their product line includes full spectrum hemp extracts and mineral supplements, primarily targeted towards humans. However, they also have a pet line consisting of seven products, including a full spectrum hemp oil specifically formulated for pets. This pet oil is priced at $29.95 for a 125 mg bottle with 5 mg of CBD per serving, which is suitable for pets.

Other pet products contain essential oils and aim to provide various benefits such as flea and tick repellent, itch relief, wellness, and calm promotion. While the pet product selection is not extensive, it offers unique and distinctive items that may appeal to customers seeking specific solutions for their pets.

Products: HB Naturals offers organic products, primarily for humans, including full spectrum hemp extracts and mineral supplements. They also have a pet line consisting of seven products, such as a full spectrum hemp oil for pets, flea and tick repellent, itch relief spray, and products targeting wellness and calm.

Commission and Income Potential: HB Naturals offers a base commission rate of 50%, which is based on the Commissionable Value (CV) of the products rather than the sales price. However, due to the CV being lower than the total price, the effective commission rate per sale is closer to 30% or 33%.

The main source of team income within HB Naturals is through a binary model, where distributors have two legs in their team. Whenever both legs reach 200 CV, a percentage of the total sales from the weaker leg is earned. This percentage varies between 4%, 8%, or 12% depending on personal sales for the month.

This binary model requires both sides of the team to perform well for optimal income. If the teams become unbalanced, the income will be limited by the weaker team. Distributors must focus on making personal sales as well, as it affects the percentage earned from the team. This requires a balance between team-building and personal sales, regardless of the team’s size.

7. pawTree

Overview: pawTree is an MLM program that focuses on pets and pet food. What sets pawTree apart is its unique marketing approach and product offerings. One notable feature is the introduction of seasonings for pet food, allowing pet owners to provide flavor variety without changing their pets’ food daily. pawTree claims that pets seek variety in their food but changing it too often can upset their stomachs.

While this claim is debatable, pawTree effectively convinces customers of the benefits. The product range extends beyond seasonings and includes chew toys, plush toys, supplements, bedding, and practical items, all branded with pawTree. The products have a distinct and appealing design, and pricing is reasonable considering the quality and marketing efforts.

Products: pawTree offers a range of products for pets, including seasonings for pet food, chew toys, plush toys, supplements, bedding, and practical items. The company’s unique approach to providing flavor variety in pet food sets it apart from other MLMs in the industry. The products have an appealing design and offer a special touch that differentiates them from regular store-bought items.

Commission and Income Potential: The compensation plan offered by pawTree has some limitations. The base commission rate starts at 10%, which can be increased to 25% with monthly sales of $100 or more. Surprisingly, the sales requirements are based on new personal volume rather than recurring volume.

The commission per sale can reach up to 35% if you achieve $400 or more in new sales for a month. While this is a decent commission rate, sustaining high sales volumes may require significant effort in expansion.

The team aspect of pawTree’s compensation plan is somewhat unique. The ranks are divided into two categories: Build and Lead. The Build ranks offer limited team income, allowing you to earn from only your first level or two. The requirements for the Build ranks are manageable, but the personal volume requirements increase rapidly. By the third rank, you need to achieve $500 in sales per month. Monthly sales requirements can be challenging and can potentially limit your earning potential.

Moving into the Lead ranks introduces more complexity. While there is increased income potential, you must meet various sales and team structure goals, including maintaining $300 in new volume every month.

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