Is Primerica an MLM or Pyramid Scheme? [Review]

Many people seek financial security and extra income, often coming across opportunities like Primerica. Primerica offers financial services such as insurance and investments, presenting itself as a way to achieve financial goals from home.

Before you jump into this opportunity, it’s important to grasp what Primerica really provides and if it’s a worthwhile path. In this review, we’ll provide a thorough breakdown to help you decide whether to consider joining or avoid this company.

What is Primerica? 

Primerica is a financial company that mainly focuses on helping middle-income families in the United States and Canada with their money matters. They deal with insurance, investments, and financial planning. They have various branches and offer a range of products and services to meet their customers’ financial needs.

Primerica provides things like life insurance, investments, car and home insurance, and tools for managing money. Their goal is to help people and families handle their finances, safeguard their belongings, and plan for a stable financial future.

Primerica started in 1977, and it’s been around for more than 40 years. It’s important to know that Primerica stands out because it uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. In this model, their representatives, often called “recruits,” can earn money not only from their own sales but also by bringing others into the business.


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Is Primerica an MLM or Pyramid Scheme? 

One of the primary questions that arise when evaluating Primerica is whether it falls into the category of a legitimate MLM or a pyramid scheme in disguise. To answer this question, it’s essential to understand the fundamental differences between the two.

Primerica as an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

In an MLM, sales representatives are responsible for selling the company’s products or services while also recruiting others to become representatives. These new members, known as the “downline,” form a network, and commissions are earned not only on personal sales but also on the sales generated by their downline. MLMs typically involve products or services, making them legal business models.

Primerica follows the MLM model, where representatives focus on selling financial products like insurance and investments, all while aiming to build and expand their team of recruits. Commissions are earned based on both personal sales and the sales generated by recruits within the network.

Primerica NOT a Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are illegal and fraudulent schemes that primarily focus on recruitment, promising high returns on investments without legitimate products or services. The income generated in pyramid schemes flows predominantly from recruitment fees paid by new participants, not from actual product sales or investments.

Primerica is not a pyramid scheme because it offers legitimate financial products and services, and representatives earn commissions from product sales and not solely from recruitment fees. While there may be concerns about recruitment pressures and sales tactics, Primerica operates within the legal boundaries of an MLM.

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Are Primerica Products Any Good?

Before deciding to work with Primerica, it’s important to evaluate the quality and competitiveness of their products. Primerica mainly offers insurance, investments, and financial planning tools. Let’s take a closer look at some of their main offerings:

  1. Term Life Insurance: Primerica’s main product is term life insurance. While term life insurance is important for many families’ financial planning, it’s important to assess the quality and cost of Primerica’s policies. Some critics argue that Primerica’s term life insurance can be more expensive compared to other options, which might raise concerns about its value for customers.

  2. Investments: Primerica offers financial investments, mainly through PFS Investments Inc. operating as Primerica Advisors. These investments usually act as middlemen between larger mutual funds and the insurance company. It’s crucial to carefully compare Primerica’s investment options, including fees and returns, with alternatives in the financial market.

  3. Auto & Homeowners Insurance: Primerica refers customers to Answer Financial for auto and homeowners insurance through the Primerica Secure program. 

  4. Long-Term Care Insurance: Primerica offers long-term care insurance policies that provide daily benefits for services like bathing, dressing, and eating. 

  5. Financial Tools: Primerica provides various financial tools and programs, including debt management tools and legal protection programs. 

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Compensation Plan: How to Make Money With Primerica? 

Earning money with Primerica involves their compensation plan, which is a crucial part of their MLM system. People who join as representatives, often called “recruits,” can make money in several ways:

  1. Sales Commissions: Primerica reps earn a percentage of the sales they make from financial products like insurance and investments. The exact percentage depends on the product and how much they sell.

  2. Overrides on Downline Sales: When recruits that you bring into Primerica make sales, you get a portion of those sales as commissions. This is a fundamental part of the MLM structure.

  3. Differentials from Downline’s Insurance Sales: You can also earn money when your recruits sell insurance policies. This can become a passive income stream as your recruits become more successful.

  4. Commissions on Other Primerica Products: Primerica offers more than just insurance and investments. Representatives can also earn commissions on these other financial products, expanding their income potential.

It’s important to understand that making a substantial income with Primerica often requires building a large downline and consistently making sales. The compensation structure may change based on your rank within the organization.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Primerica?

Before considering Primerica as a potential business opportunity, it’s crucial to understand the financial commitment required to join and participate in the company’s MLM structure. Primerica’s cost structure includes the following key components:

  1. Initial Fee: To become a Primerica representative, you must pay an initial fee, which is typically around $99. This fee covers a background check and initial administrative costs associated with joining the company.

  2. Monthly Fees: In addition to the initial fee, Primerica representatives are required to pay monthly fees, often around $25. These fees provide access to marketing resources, tools, and support provided by the company.

It’s important to note that these costs are associated with maintaining your active status as a Primerica representative. Failure to pay the monthly fees may result in losing your representative status and access to the associated benefits.

While the initial fee and monthly fees are relatively modest compared to some business opportunities, it’s essential to factor in these costs when evaluating the financial viability of joining Primerica. 

Primerica Success Rate

Primerica’s success rate is a topic of debate and scrutiny. Similar to many MLMs, Primerica faces issues like a high turnover of representatives and a large number of people who don’t make much money. While some folks do make a lot of money with Primerica, many others struggle to make a substantial income or even cover their expenses.

Industry data suggests that only a small percentage of Primerica representatives earn a significant income. Most reps might earn small commissions, and a good number might not make much money and could even lose money.

Factors that contribute to Primerica’s mixed success rate include pressure to recruit, competition within the MLM structure, and the need to build a large team of recruits to make significant money.

Before you decide to join Primerica, it’s essential to do your research, evaluate your own sales and recruiting abilities, and carefully think about the challenges that come with MLM business models.

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Pros of Primerica MLM

Primerica, like any MLM, has its challenges, but there are also some appealing aspects to consider. Here are the potential advantages of getting involved with Primerica’s MLM opportunity:

  1. Flexibility: Primerica allows representatives to choose their own schedules and work from home, giving them flexibility in how they run their businesses.

  2. Training and Support: The company provides training programs and marketing resources to help representatives improve their skills and knowledge in financial services.

  3. Earning Potential: For those with strong sales and recruiting abilities, Primerica offers the chance to earn commissions not just from their own sales but also from their team’s sales.

  4. Financial Education: Joining Primerica can be an opportunity to learn about financial services and products, which can be valuable for personal financial knowledge.

  5. Networking: MLMs often promote networking and building relationships, which can have broader personal and professional benefits.

Cons of Primerica MLM 

Like any business opportunity, Primerica’s MLM structure has its drawbacks and concerns. Here are some of the potential downsides to consider with Primerica:

  1. Recruitment Pressure: Primerica places a strong emphasis on recruiting new representatives, which can create pressure to constantly grow your team.

  2. High Turnover: MLMs, including Primerica, often see a lot of people leave the business relatively quickly.

  3. Income Inequality: In MLMs like Primerica, earnings tend to be uneven, with only a small percentage making a substantial income while many struggle to make ends meet.

  4. Product Pricing: Some critics argue that Primerica’s term life insurance policies may be pricier compared to other options on the market.

  5. Limited Product Range: Primerica mainly focuses on term life insurance and a limited range of financial products, which could limit the offerings available to representatives.

Is Primerica a Scam or Legit? 

Primerica isn’t a scam, but it does have some features in its MLM structure that can be concerning for certain individuals. Primerica operates as a legitimate multi-level marketing company, but it’s important to understand how it works. Representatives earn commissions from selling financial products, and recruitment plays a role in their business model, but it’s not the only source of income.

The reputation of Primerica is mixed. Some people have found financial success with the company, while others have faced challenges or even losses. Your success with Primerica depends on your individual skills, commitment, and your ability to build and manage a sizable network of recruits.

It’s worth noting that in 2012, Primerica faced multiple lawsuits. These lawsuits alleged that the company’s representatives persuaded Florida firefighters, teachers, and other public workers to move their retirement investments from secure government-backed options to riskier retirement products offered by Primerica. In January 2014, Primerica settled these cases for $15.4 million.

Primerica Review: Should You Join This MLM Opportunity? 

In general, Primerica is a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides a chance for individuals to launch a home-based business. The company boasts an impressive A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from AM Best, an independent agency specializing in evaluating insurance companies.

However, it’s important to note that based on feedback from 930 customers on CustomerAffairs, Primerica only holds an overall rating of 2.9 out of 5.

Now, you might be wondering if joining Primerica is the right choice for you. To help you decide, consider these factors:

  1. Your Sales and Recruitment Skills: Success at Primerica often depends on your ability to sell financial products and recruit new members. Think about how comfortable you are with these tasks.

  2. Financial Commitment: Make sure you understand the costs involved in joining Primerica, like initial and monthly fees. Ensure you have the financial resources to cover these expenses.

  3. Risk Tolerance: MLMs can be risky, including the potential for financial losses. Assess how comfortable you are with taking risks and whether you’re willing to invest time and effort into building your Primerica business.

  4. Long-Term Goals: Consider your long-term financial goals and whether Primerica fits into your plans. Evaluate whether the potential income from Primerica meets your expectations.

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