Is ACN a Legit MLM or Pyramid Scheme? [Review]

I’m an internet entrepreneur. I got into something called multi-level marketing (MLM) years ago. My time with ACN, in particular, is a big part of my story as an entrepreneur. Back then, I was attracted by the idea of making lots of money and interested in how network marketing works, so I decided to give ACN a try with a mix of hope and curiosity.

I remember going to ACN’s exciting seminars where energetic speakers talked about how we could achieve success by working hard. They shared stories of people who had made a lot of money, and it got me really excited. So, I jumped into selling products directly and building a team.

But as I got deeper into it, I realized MLM wasn’t all smooth sailing. Sure, there were moments when I felt great, like when I made a big sale or saw my team growing. But there were also tough times. Some of my friends and family didn’t believe in what I was doing, and promoting the products wasn’t always easy. My time with ACN had its ups and downs, like a rollercoaster.

In the end, I decided to leave ACN and focus on my blogging business because I wanted more control over what I was doing and the chance to be more creative. Through it all, I learned a lot about MLM and what it takes to build a successful online business. So now, I’m taking a look back at my time with ACN, talking about what worked, what didn’t, and the lessons I learned along the way.

What Is ACN?

ACN, which stands for American Communications Network, is a telecom company in North America. It was started back in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz.

Today, it has more than 1,500 employees around the world. You can find out more about it on their website at

ACN MLM Review


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What Products Do ACN Offer?

ACN offers a variety of services for both homes and businesses:

Residential Services:

  1. Home Phone: Make unlimited calls to over 80 destinations using your existing home phone and high-speed internet connection. Costs $24.99 per month.
  2. High-speed Internet: Get nationwide high-speed internet through AT&T, Centurylink, Frontier, or Verizon. Prices range from $19.99 to $100 per month depending on the provider.
  3. Wireless Service (Flash Wireless): Choose from contract or no-contract phone plans, including family options. Three pricing plans available: purple ($23-$64), green ($23-$79), and yellow ($23-$69) per month.
  4. XOOM Energy: Natural gas service offering surelock (fixed) or simpleflex (variable) plans. Surelock guarantees your price for the service term, while simpleflex allows monthly rate changes with flexible service options.
  5. Television: Dish and DirecTV packages starting at $39.99 per month.
  6. Home Security and Automation: Vivint offers smart home control, wireless security, and surveillance with 24/7 video recording. Equipment costs $50 upfront with no activation fees.

Business Services:

Includes all residential services plus:

  1. Anovia Payment and Processing: Credit card payment processing for all payment types, including credit, debit, gift cards, e-checks, and e-commerce. Options include a free mobile card reader at $25 per month, a no-contract plan for $20 per month, or a low-cost plan with a meet-or-beat guarantee at $15 per month. Additionally, a swipe simple payment terminal can be purchased for $120.

Complaints About ACN Product

  1. Difficulty Cancelling or Transferring Service: Many people find it incredibly hard to cancel or transfer their ACN services, like Internet, with long wait times and frustrating processes. When they finally do switch, some discover that the service at their new place is even slower. And if you want to cancel altogether, good luck avoiding the hefty cancellation fee. Very few manage to escape it. Plus, watch out for sneaky additional fees, like cancellation charges for your phone service if you cancel your Internet.

  2. Slow Service Speeds: Customers have complained about slow and unreliable service from ACN, especially with Internet. Not only is the service subpar, but the customer service itself is often described as terrible. Even if you’re fed up and want to cancel, be prepared to fork over a cancellation fee. Many reviewers say there’s no way to avoid it. In fact, some customers have had their accounts sent to collections because ACN refused to cancel their service when asked.

Is ACN a Network Marketing Company?

Yes, ACN is a type of network marketing company, which is also called MLM. In this setup, you earn money by selling products and getting others to join and sell too.

You can also earn from the sales of the people you bring in, creating a team that helps you make more money.

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Is MLM a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

MLM, which stands for multi-level marketing, is not a pyramid scheme or scam. Pyramid schemes are against the law in the United States and Canada, but MLM is perfectly legal. The big difference between them is what they focus on: pyramid schemes mainly push recruiting people without offering real products or services, while MLM involves selling actual products or services.

In pyramid schemes, the folks at the top make the most money, leaving little for those lower down. But in MLM, everyone can potentially earn money, no matter where they are in the company. Even though some people misunderstand MLM and think it’s like a pyramid scheme, it’s not automatically illegal or dishonest. Accusations of it being a pyramid scheme usually come from not understanding how it really works.

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Is ACN a Pyramid Scheme?

No, ACN isn’t a pyramid scheme. It’s a real business that sells stuff directly to customers. In pyramid schemes, you only make money by getting more people to join. But with ACN, reps make money by selling things, not just by recruiting others. It’s like how real estate brokers earn from their agents’ sales, not by just recruiting more agents. ACN has been doing this for over 20 years and follows the rules set by the Direct Selling Association.

ACN Compensation Plan

With ACN, you make money in three main ways:

  1. Personal Residuals: You earn a percentage (2%-8%) of what your personal customers spend each month on ACN services. For example, if your customer spends $1,000 a month, you could earn $20 in residual income.

  2. Team Residuals: You earn money from the customers brought in by your recruits and their recruits through a 7-level uni plan. The percentage you earn ranges from 0.25% to 6%, depending on the level.

  3. Customer Acquisition Bonuses: You receive one-time bonuses ($90-$275) for recruiting new customers. To qualify, your sponsor needs to sign up for $499 and recruit their first 6-8 customers within a certain timeframe.

If you want more information, you can check out ACN’s compensation plan.

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How To Become An ACN Independent Business Owner?

Becoming an ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO) is a straightforward process. First, you’ll need to fill out ACN’s individual business owner agreement form and pay a $499 application fee. This fee is necessary to join the business. After you’ve completed these steps and been accepted, you’ll receive access to your own personalized website. This website is where you can showcase and sell ACN’s services to potential customers.

It’s important to note that as an IBO, you’re not considered an employee of ACN. Instead, you’re an independent contractor. This distinction means you have the freedom to set your own schedule and run your business the way you see fit. The $499 fee isn’t for employment; it’s an investment in starting your own business with ACN.

Once you’re set up as an IBO, you’ll have the opportunity to promote and sell ACN’s products and services. This could include telecommunications, energy, and other essential services. Your personalized website will serve as a valuable tool for reaching potential customers and growing your business.

In addition to promoting ACN’s offerings, you’ll also have the chance to recruit others to join your team as IBOs. Building a team can be a key aspect of success in the ACN business model. As you grow your team and increase your sales, you’ll have the potential to earn commissions and bonuses based on your performance.

How To Make Money as ACN Independent Representative

Here’s how to make money as an ACN Independent Representative:

  1. Online Marketing: Use the internet to find customers and recruit team members.

  2. Blogging: Write blog posts about ACN products that show up on Google searches.

  3. Social Media: Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to bring people to your blog.

  4. Paid Ads: Pay for ads that target people interested in what you offer.

Remember, your main source of income is from selling services to customers, not just recruiting new representatives.

To make more money:

  1. Focus on Customers: Your earnings come from selling services, so prioritize finding and keeping happy customers.

  2. Grow Your Customer Base: The more customers you have, the more money you’ll earn.

  3. Expand Your Reach: Try to reach more people to increase your residual income.

By following these tips, you can maximize your earnings as an ACN Independent Representative.

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Pros of Joining ACN MLM

  1. Established Since 1993: ACN has been in operation for over 30 years, indicating stability and longevity in the market.

  2. Global Workforce: With over 1,500 employees worldwide, ACN has a sizable workforce dedicated to supporting its operations and members.

  3. Leading Telecom Company: ACN is the largest digital sales telecom company globally, offering cutting-edge services in Internet, TV, and phone.

  4. International Presence: Operating in 20 countries, ACN provides opportunities for expansion and networking on a global scale.

  5. Diverse Services: ACN offers essential services like Internet, TV, and phone, which are already widely used by people.

  6. Good Reputation: ACN boasts a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reflecting trustworthiness and reliability.

Cons of Joining ACN MLM

  1. High Start-Up Costs: The $499 application fee may appear steep to some, but it’s an investment in starting your own business. Compared to traditional offline businesses, however, this fee is relatively reasonable.

  2. Pyramid Scheme Perception: Some individuals perceive ACN’s business model as resembling a pyramid scheme due to its emphasis on earning through referrals. However, ACN offers tangible services, distinguishing it from illegal pyramid schemes.

  3. Sales Skills Required: Success in ACN relies on effective salesmanship, as you’ll need to compete with established companies. Active customer acquisition is necessary, which may not suit everyone’s strengths. If this isn’t your forte, alternative options like the Top Free Work At Home Recommendation, where leads come to you, might be more suitable.

Is ACN a Scam?

ACN has been around for almost 24 years and seems legit. They sell real products and don’t just focus on recruiting. Most complaints are about their customer service. Agents handle both support and recruiting. Starting a business with them requires time and money but doesn’t have to break the bank.


1. Is ACN a trustworthy company?

Yes, ACN is a reliable company that has been operating for over twenty years. It offers genuine products and provides an opportunity to build a successful business network of partners. Utilize ACN events to enhance your online marketing skills.

2. What’s Donald Trump’s involvement with ACN?

Donald Trump served as a paid consultant for ACN, offering his perspective on the business opportunity.

3. Can you earn money with ACN MLM?

Certainly! You can generate income by selling services and recruiting new representatives. The more customers you acquire, the greater your earning potential becomes.

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Is There a Better Way to Make Money Online?

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